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privacy Fencing

Privacy Fence – Comfort, Style, and Security

A fence is a structure typically built out of wood, metal, stone, or plastic. The use for a fence is to enclose an area for creating a boundary, restrict access in and out, and prevent animals from escaping the property. Having a fence is a great way to border your property, establish boundaries and most of all create privacy between you and everyone else. 

Privacy Fence

Upgrade your fence to the next level!

A privacy fence is built taller than normal, and has very little or no gaps in the wall space. Some privacy fences are built to deflect sound from coming in or going out. If you want to help give life to your fence, add trees and bushes to help fill another layer to that privacy.

Trees and Shrubs


It is common to have more than one type of fence on your property. Some have a combination of several different fences. Those who own a large property will install a fence that distinguishes the property line, a fence that separates their animals, and a privacy fence around their house.

The design and style of a privacy fence can vary depending on what you like and what you can afford. Fencing styles include, wood (vertical or horizontal slate), chain link with interlace plastic slabs, mason stone and brick, corrugated metal, concrete siding, bamboo, and organic materials – tree’s, bushes, and rocks.



Privacy Fencing

Corrugated Metal

Privacy Fencing

Stone Rock

Privacy Fencing

Expect to spend close to as $ 2,800 dollars on a new privacy fence, with the average cost a carpenter will charge is $8 to $20 dollars per linear foot. The cost varies on the type of material used. Some of the material cost depends on where and who you buy from. Research local lumber companies first before using large chains like, Lowes or Home Depot. It is always a great benefit to spend your money locally.


Precision Fence Company is a local contractor that can help guide you in the process of installing a new fence or privacy fence. WIth years of experience in fencing and fence materials, Precision Fencing will be there with you every step of the way. Serving the Southern Oregon valley for over 17 years and still strong. Let Precision Fence be your next fencing choice.


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